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Toward Innovation-driven Growth
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Toward Innovation-driven Growth

Innovation Systems and Policies in EU Member States of Central Eastern Europe


Industrial policy for a new growth model
05.05.2023 | Blog, Publication

Escaping the middle-income trap: "Industrial Policy for a New Growth Model: A toolbox for EU-CEE countries"

This study deals with the perspectives of industrial policies in Central Eastern and Southern Eastern Europe and the question how these countries can...


07.03.2023 | Blog

­Cleaner, Better, More Resilient

A debate on the necessary economic transformations in Germany and Europe


Photo: Bundesregierung / Köhler, Thomas
03.03.2023 | Blog

Excerpt from the book: Cleaner, Better, More Resilient

Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the challenges for German and European economic policy in the shadow of the current crises.


Publication Innovation Policy in Times of Change
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Innovation Policy in Times of Change

The way of doing business is currently changing on a global scale and at a rapid pace.


31.01.2023 | Blog

The Transition to Electric Vehicles in CEE

What does it mean for the automotive sector in Central Eastern Europe?


06.12.2022 | Blog

Why Eastern Europe needs a proactive industrial and innovation policy now

Please see the video of a talk given by Ernst Hillebrand at the joint FEPS/FES/Lithuanian Socialdemokratai conference "Tackling the Rise of Living...


12.09.2022 | Blog

The Second Transition

Why Central Eastern Europe Needs Proactive Industrial and Innovation Policy Now




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