Economic and ecological issues are often very complex. Not everyone has the time to read lengthy studies. With the help of a series of "infographics", we try to visually condense these complex relationships and convey the essential information.

A New Growth Modell for Central Eastern Europe

What are the problems with the current model and what needs to be done to assure economic growth and social development also in the future?

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What does the transition to E-mobility mean for Central Eastern Europe?

In recent decades, Central Eastern Europe has become an important production location for the European car industry. Almost one third of European passenger cars are now produced in the Visegrád states and Romania. Over 16% of industrial jobs in the region are linked to this sector. The transition to electromobility is therefore also an enormous challenge for Central Europe. How will the end of the combustion engine affect industry there? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Central Eastern European locations in this transition?

See the most salient facts in a new infographic of the FES programme on economic transition in CEE and SEE.

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European Economies of the East

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