­Cleaner, Better, More Resilient

A debate on the necessary economic transformations in Germany and Europe

A new book by the German Dietz-Verlag is dedicated to current and upcoming economic challenges facing Germany and Europe. It is based on a wide number of contributions that have initially been published by the SPD Economic Forum on its website.They reflect the ongoing debate among social democratic politicians, German trade unionists and German academics on economic, industrial and environmental policies that have to be developed to cope with the challenges of our times.

Among the authors are Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Labour Minister Hubertus Heil and various other leading members of the current federal government as well as SPD parliamentarians in the Bundestag. The contributions draw lessons and conclusions from the developments and changes of the recent years – the Covid19 pandemic and its social and economic effects, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the changes in the global economy with the growing rivalry between the USA and China.

This reader is published by Dietz-Verlag in Bonn under the title "Cleaner, Better, more resilient” and is edited by Matthias Machnig, Ernst Hillebrand and Nils Heisterhagen.

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